Friday, October 19, 2018

Ahnentafel #514 - Nathaniel Crow

Nathaniel Crow

Born: ca. 1650
Died: 30 July 1695, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut

Buried:  Hartford, Connecticut

Married:  Deborah Leffingwell ca. 1683


1693 - Hartford, Connecticut - Nathaniel Crow as warrantee, Volme 1, p. 481.

1693, Oct. 5 - A Court of Assistants holden at Hartford

Nathaniel Crow of Hartford, being Agrieved with the determination of the County Court at Hartford in September last, relating to the Estate of his late Brother Daniell Crow of Said Hartford deceased, made his application to this Court, and declared his Objections against the Same, upon Consideration whereof This Court See no reason to alter the Said determination of the County Court. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dorothy Utley

Dorothy Irene (Lathrop) Utley

Born: March 17, 1940, Wayne City, Illinois
Married: Philip Utley, December 22, 1962, First United Methodist Church, Wayne City, Illinois
Died: October 17, 2018 Tifton, Georgia

Dorothy Irene Utley, a longtime resident of Tifton, Georgia, died at home on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. in the First United Methodist Church of Tifton. The family will receive friends immediately following the service in the front lobby of the church. A private family interment will be held later in the day at Zion Hope Baptist Church cemetery.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Notebook - New England No. 1

Anderson, Robert. Reflections on the Great Migration Study Project, New England Ancestors, Holiday 2008.

On November 15, 2008, we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the beginning of the Great Migration Study Project.

During my early years in genealogy, while handling typical client commissions, I was constantly faced with the problem of learning what research had already been undertaken and published for a family of interest. This search frequently consumed much of the time allocated for research and became very frustrating.

Thus arose the concept of a reference work for New England genealogy which would update and supplant Savage and some of the other single-colony-based compendia.

Work began on November 15, 1988 with the pilot project which became the Great Migration Begins series of volumes which covered immigration to New England from 1620 to 1633.

Sketch format:
Section one - migration

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ahnentafel #513 - Hannah Adgate

Hannah Adgate

Born: Oct. 6, 1653, Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut
Died: September 18, 1695 Norwich, New London Co., Connecticut

Buried: Old Norwich Cemetery

Married:  Nov. 1675 Samuel Lathrop in Norwich, Connecticut

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Mt. Olive Church

Years ago, when the country around here was mostly covered with woods, two men named George Casner (in 1852) and John Hawkins Jr. (in 1854) decided to settle in this territory. Mr. Casner cleared some land, built some fences, and entered the land in the records at Shawneetown in his own name. The of the United States signed the patent giving George Casner the title to the land. Mr. Casner and his wife had a son named Ramsey and after Mr. Casner was killed in an accident, this young man sold the farm to a trader on May 1, 1868, just six years and a month after his father had purchased it. Six months later, the trader, Joel Scrivner sold it to William Palmer, who kept it several years, and then it passed from hand to hand until on February 10, 1865, John Gentle purchased it and planned to make his home there.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ahnentafel #512 - Samuel Lathrop

Samuel Lathrop

Born: March 1650, New London, Connecticut
Died: 9 Dec. 1732, Norwich, Connecticut

Buried: Old Norwich Cemetery, Norwich, Connecticut

Married: 1) Hannah Adgate Nov. 1675 in Norwich, Connecticut
2) Mary (Reynolds) Edgerton Dec. 30, 1697 in Norwich, Connecticut


1660 - The seventeenth century home of Dr. John Olmstead, Norwich's first physician, was located at the current site of Lathrop Manor, on Washington Street in Norwichtown. He later sold his house, built around 1660, to Samuel Lathrop (1650-1732). It was then inherited by Samuel's son, Thomas Lathrop (1681-1774). It is possible the original house burned in 1745 and was rebuilt. In any case, after Samuel's death, it was owned by Dr. Daniel Lathrop, who joined with Dr. Joshua Lathrop (whose home is across the street) to establish Connecticut's first apothecary, at that time the only one located between New York and Boston. Benedict Arnold lived in the house as a young man while he was

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Elmer Gentle

Elmer Gentle, son of Calvin F. Grace (Whitlatch) Gentle was b. 7 Aug 1910 in Jefferson Co., IL, d. 12 Aug. 2001 Mt. Vernon, IL. He married Ruth M. Robertson on 11 Mar. 1933 in Bluford, IL. Ruth was the daughter of John Arthur & Rose E. (Moore) Robertson. We are related to both of them.

Elmer & Ruth had one son, Larry.

The following is an article published about Elmer:

Gentle Recalls Family Values Emphasized During Depression by Kathleen Dero, Mt. Vernon Register-News, Feb. 27, 1993.

According to Elmer C. Gentle, the values needed today to succeed are the same ones he learned growing up in Jefferson County.

“All you have to have is determination. Our new president was making about $45,000 a year as governor of Arkansas. Today, he’s making about $200,000 a year. He dreamed as a year as a youngster and he set goals. You’ve just got to be tenacious – have drive and willpower,” Gentle said.

Gentle, who spent more than 50 years working for state and township public aid programs, was born and raised about three miles east of Bluford in Pendleton Township.

Gentle grew up on a “short” 40 acres across the top of Pendleton Township. After a survey correction, that section of land was found to have only 36 acres.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Generation 10

Generation 10, more fall out while picking up more New England families.  

  • Lathrop ancestors #512 - #543
  • Dove ancestors #612 - #619
  • Butler ancestors #648 - #688
  • Robertson ancestors #720 - 738
  • Gurley ancestors #848 - #895
  • Colclasure ancestors #902 - #955
  • Fitzgerald ancestors #960
We'll be looking at people living in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

And immigrants from England, Germany, Holland and Ireland.

This generation spans the years 1622 through 1838.  

Friday, September 21, 2018

Fun Stuff

Sometimes you just have to laugh . . . 

"James Speer lived on Beavers Dams and had no more brains than were absolutely necessary." Book review of Watauga County, History.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ahnentafel #503 - Elizabeth Cornwell

Elizabeth Cornwell

Born: ca. 1750 in Virginia
Died: after 1795

Buried: possibly in Orange County, Indiana

Married: John Wolfe ca. 1770, some people cite marriage between Peter Wolf and Anne Cornwell 28 July 1777 in Frederick Co., Virginia

1783 - Shenandoah Co., VA census - a John Wolfe with 8 whites and 1 black

1784 - Shenandoah Co., VA deed - John & Elisabeth Woolf of Shenandoah sold land to William Henry of Frederick County . . . consideration of Eighty pounds . . . a parcel of land lying on the Flint run it being part of a Tract of Land granted from the Proprietor of the Northern Neck to Phillip Crume & by Phillip Crume & Sarah his wife conveyed to John Patton by Deed of Bargain and sale bearing date 28th May 1778 by John Patton & Mary his wife sold to sd. John Woolf by deed of L[ease] & R[elease] bearing date September 1779, containing one hundred and fifty acres of land.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dr. John Grove Speer

John Grove Speer autobiographical sketch from Speer Family History. He was the son of John & Mary Barbary (Grove) Speer.

Where shall I begin You will say in childhood days. Very well, then. I shall say that I was born in Morgantown [Morganton], Burke County, North Carolina, on the 12th day of February, A.D. 1809.

Just like all other children I wanted nourishment, which was supplied abundantly by my dear mother. It was while I was thus being cared for that smallpox gave the people a scare, and we were vaccinated, and, as a memorial of the fact, I have carried the mark on my left arm ever since. In the fall of 1811, when I was about two and one-half years old, I was brought to Kentucky. The next thing I remember was going to school when I was a wee boy with all the childish ways common to the very young. I wanted to be free and out at play, and felt I was a prisoner. I learned but little at that school, but when older I learned as fast as the common run, and became more diligent in my studies than most of the scholars, and thus began to take first rank. My father perceiving that I was fond of books and doing fairly well, sent me to live with Uncle Blevins in Middletown, Ky., to go to school to a Mr. Banks, a man good in word and deed. He was a son-in-law of the Rev. Blackburn, a Presbyterian, of Louisville, Ky. I was well pleased to stay with my kind Uncle and Aunt Amelia, who were very good to me.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ahnentafel #502 - John Wolfe

John C. Wolfe or John Peter Wolfe, Sr.

Born: ca. 1745 Virginia
Died: before 1809, some say 1828

Buried: probably in Stampers Creek Cemetery, Orange Co., Indiana

Married: Elizabeth Cornwell ca. 1770, some people cite marriage between Peter Wolf and Anne Cornwell 28 July 1777 in Frederick Co., VA


1779 - April 28 - Frederick Co., VA a John Wolfe mentioned in his grandfather's will as grandson, "son of my deceased son John," left land after his aunts die. Our John Wolfe would have been 34 in 1779 which makes this a strange bequest.  It seems more like something that would be done for a minor grandchild.

1779 - Sept. 20 - Shenandoah Co., VA a John Wolf leased 150 acres of land on Flint Run from John Patson / Patton for the rent of one pepper corn on Lady day next [March 25, the Feast of Annunciation]

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Lathrop Reunion - 2018

Labor Day Sunday afternoon has been Lathrop Reunion held in Fairfield, Illinois for many, many years.  This year we had a good turn out. 

Generation I. Betty (Lathrop) Porter, Bonnie (Lathrop) Holler, Gene Austin, Howard Lathrop, George Lathrop

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Research Log

Yellow Notebook - Robertson/Maulding/Clark Section

Jefferson County Illinois Death Book
Mauldings -
Eliza J. Bk 1, p. 19
Elizabeth O. Bk 1, p. 37
Clarence E. Bk 1, p. 53
James Bk 1, p. 58
Ransom Bk 1, p. 71

Oscar Gentle death - Book 3, p. 161

Laura Lathrop, Book 3, p. 186
b. Indiana 1857, Nov. 11
d. IL 1914, Nov. 5
parents David Lathrop b. NY and Sarah Dodds b. OH

1860 Jefferson County, Illinois, Census, Dodds Twp.
Maulding, Wesley A. 1828
Elizabeth 1832
Lorenzo D. 1854
Martha O. 1856
Eliza A. 1859

Ambrose Maulding buried in 10 Mile Cemetery, Hamilton Co., IL, Lots of space for other graves some small stones nothing legible

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Ahnentafel #500 - (--?--) Cornwell

(--?--) Cornwell

Born: ca. 1760
Died: unknown

Buried: unknown

Married: unknown

Records / Possibilities:

1810 Virginia Census - he would have been about 50 years old

Culpeper County
A Payton Cornwell family 
3 m -10
2 m 10-16
1 m 26-45 Payton
2 f -10
1 f 26-45

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Research Log

Yellow Notebook - Butler/Gentle/Parrish/Perry/Shepherd/Wright Section

Jefferson County, Illinois Census 1870, Webber Twp.
Butler, Vardona 1848 - this is Vardaman
Kansas 1852
Edward 1869

Gentle, John 1816
Frances 1819
Howard 1846
Amanda 1855
Selestine 1859
Cordelia A. 1861
Fresene J. 1867

Gentle, Wm. S. 1838
Rebecca A. 1849

Wayne County Gleanings, see also Robertson section
p. 92, Wayne County Press, Dec. 17, 1874 - John Gentles, who departed this life, Nov. 30th, 1874, aged 58 years, 6 months, 19 days.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Ahnentafel #482 - (--?--) Bruce

(--?--) Bruce

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

Buried: Unknown

Married: Unknown

Records / Possibilities:

1656 - Lancaster Co., VA - Andrew Gillson brought over Sarah Smart, Eliza Winslow, Anne Thornton, Katherine Golding, Anthony Edwards, William Bruce, John (--?--), Thomas Pool, Edward Paggett, Charles Blurteend, John Sherrine - too early to be definitive connection

1692 - April 3 - Mary Bruse, daughter of Henry & Mary Bruse, born. 

1712 - May 7 - Richmond Co., VA - Depositions of Henry Bruce aged 48 and his wife Mary aged 47, recorded in Richmond Co., Had son William Bruce born 31 Oct. 1689. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Research Log - Lathrop Section, Yellow Notebook

Lathrop Family - Summer 1987 trip to Vermont

Marriage - Town of Richford, Vermont
Book 1, p. 331, Russell Lathrop & Cynthia Powell
Book 1, p. 334, Hannah Lathrop & Daniel Janes
Book 1, p. 347, Bradford Powell & ClarissaLevi
Book 1, p. 332, Prosper Powell & Polly

Rowland Powell is Patriot for Daughters of American Revolution

Information supplied by Don Lathrop
1. Levi Lathrop
2. George Lathrop
3a. Irene Del Lathrop md. Everett Dean
3b. Ethel Fay Lathrop md. Selvin Poddick
4a1. Leon Alan Dean md. Janice Linka
4a2. Marian Louise Dean md. Floy Ekin
4a3. Rosemary Dean md. Lester O'Brien
4a4. Lyndon Lee Dean md. Pat Finke
4a1a. Jessica Ann Dean

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Ahnentafel #481 - Mary Yowell

Mary Yowell or Howell

Probably not Howell, I'm not finding any Howells in Orange County, Virginia. 

Born: ca. 1720

Died: Unknown

Buried: Unknown

Married: James Fitzgerald - a James Jarrell married Mary D. Yowell Nov. 4, 1837 Orange Co., Virginia - recheck date - is it 1737?  Yes, it's 1837, not 1737 . . . back to the drawing board.


Yowell, Clark. Yowell: A Genealogical Collection, Somerville, NJ: C.P. Hoagland, 1931.

The Yowell Family in America

The first member of the Yowell family to migrate to the New World was Thomas Yowell, who according to this deposition given on Kent Island, Maryland, May 20, 1640, was born in the parish of Wilbarson, Northamptonshire, England. No data is available on this parish, but we find recorded the marriage of Steven Ule, of Stowe, to Margaret Lewes on October 4, 1590. Also, in Castor Parish, June 5, 1592, is recorded the marriage of Jeremy Yowle and Joane Sergeant.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Notebook - Scotland

Betts, Jerry. Highland Scot Settlers in North Carolina: 1732-1776, The Highlander, Sep/Oct 2003

It was early in the 1730s when Scots began to leave the Highlands in favor of "The New World."  However, it was only after the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden in 1745 - and the resulting British attempts to destroy the clan system - that the pace of emigration became significant.

Most of the earlier setters in North Carolina had come from Virginia and South Carolina because North Carolina's shallow and treacherous coastline was difficult for large ships to navigate. The Scots among these early settlers were primarily Lowlanders.

Highlanders had settled along the Cape Fear River as early as 1724. In 1729, however, the colony of North Carolina was royalized, making the disposal of unclaimed lands the responsibility of crown officials.  The decision was made to award land grants (of 320 or 640 acres) to individuals in the colony who could show themselves capable of cultivating the acreage, and in about 1732 the first real settlement was established.