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Notebook - North Carolina No. 1

Absher, Mrs. W.O. Stokes County, North Carolina Wills, Vols. I-IV, 1790-1864, no imprint
Page 55. 25 October 1800. Will of Richard Beasley, Planter. September Term 1804. Wife Martha, Estate during lifetime. Son Jeremiah, home plantation to share with his mother. Children: William, Peggy Cooper, Benjamin, Robert, Richard, Molly Faylor (or Taylor), Patty Harrison, James, Sally Nunn, Thomas, Sukea Coomer, 5 shillings each. Executors: Friends and neighbors, namely James Cook and Tyro Riddle. Witnesses: Isaac Pennington, Joseph Pennington, Jurat and Caleb Sumner. Signed Richard (x) Beasley. - grandpa

Page 58. 27 August 1804. Will of William Beasley. December Term 1804. His wife should keep children together and raise them (no names). Witnesses: Tyre Riddle and William (x) Burris. Signed William (x) Beasley.
Page 70. 22 October 1802. Will of James Matthews. June Term 1806. Son Tandy, home tract Townfork 248 acres; also 600 acres bought of Chas. Beasley adjoining above; also 100 acres Blues Creek (late property of John Thompson); also 900+ acres in hands of John Griffith in Virginia; also Negro Dicy and his wife Anaky, Stephen 4 years old and man named Frank . . . To Joseph Hollensworth in trust for his Son, James, 600 acres bought of Charles Beazley including mansion house "Stone Chimneys;" also Negro Silla . . . To Tandy Hollinsworth (infant son of Mary and Joseph), Negro Rachel . . . To Mary Hollinsworth, Negro Rachel's increase. To son Tandy, 900 acres known as The

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Ahnentafel #540 - William Bradford

Here lies the body of ye honorable Major William Bradford,
who expired Feb. ye 20th 1703-4, aged 79 years.
He lived long but still was doing good
And in his countrys service lost much blood;
After a life well spent, he's now at rest,
His very name and memory is blest
William Bradford

Born: June 17, 1624, Plymouth Plantation, Massachusetts
Died: Feb. 20, 1703/04 Kingston, MA

Buried: Burial Hill, Plymouth, MA

  1. Alice Richards by 1650 in Plymouth Plantation
  2. Sarah (--?--) Griswold after March 7, 1676
  3. Mary (Wood) Holmes, ca. 1673
Religion: Separatist, Pilgrim of Plymouth Colony

Occupation: civil servant, soldier
  • 1656/57 deputy from Plymouth
  • 1657 representative to Massachusetts Bay Colony government

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Notebook - Mom's Families, No. 3, Part III

Eastwood, Elizabeth. General Daniel Morgan's Life - A Summary, Morgan Migrations, Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring-Summer, 1994.
The information we have found on General Daniel Morgan's ancestry, siblings and early life is meager. The names of his parents and siblings are not known and the place of his birth is claimed by both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Many different families have stated their relationship to him, but have not been able to prove it.
We'd like to summarize what we have found out about General Daniel Morgan's life. It is very important to read again some of the information given by James Graham, his first biographer, in 1859 (pages 17-22). Graham was married to one of Daniel's granddaughters, his evidence seems to us to be most valuable. He writes that very little is known of Daniel's ancestry, parentage and early history.  The only source was Gen. Morgan himself, who evaded answering questions and was very uncommunicative. Occasionally, in friendly conversation, something might be learned.  There was information from Rev. Dr. William Hill of the Presbyterian Church, Winchester, who was the General's pastor and intimate friend and was with him when he died. Zoe Steen Moore had heard of the conversations and friendship between the General and Doctor,from her friend Miss Snyder, Dr. Hill's niece. Daniel and his parents were of Welsh extraction; came from Wales to Philadelphia, between 1720-1730;

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Ahnentafel #539 - Mary Rockwell

Mary Rockwell

Born: January 18, 1663, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT
Died: April 2, 1738, Lebanon, New London Co., CT

Buried: Unknown

Married: Josiah Loomis, Oct. 23, 1683 in Lebanon, New London, CT

Monday, February 4, 2019

Notebooks - Mom's Families No. 3, Part II

Catherine Hinkel, typescript from Davie Co., Public Library, Mocksville, NC
Every genealogist who has worked on the Henckel / Hinkel / Hinkle line comes to the conclusion that Catherine was the daughter of Anthony 3rd. who came from Pennsylvania and located on Abbott's Creek in Rowan County North Carolina where he was still living as late as 1798 when he paid tax on 3 acres of land. This three acres was sold by his son Wendel or Windle of Kentucky in 1815.
On a torn sheet of the Benjamin Eaton family bible is written the record that Catherine Hinkel, wife of John Fox was born . . . the 5, 1767. The record goes on to record that "John Fox and Catherine Hinkel were married October the 30th, 1783 and the births of ten children are given.
The third child, Amelia, married Benjamin Eaton and the letter quoted below was written by her great granddaughter Mrs. Bessie Cartner Derrick from Robinson, Kansas in 1935.
(Amelia Eaton, Grace Wiseman, Sarah Catherine Cartner, Bessie Derrick)
Speaking of Catherine Hinkel Fox, she says:
My mother told me she would not allow her children to speak English to her.
She taught her children a German hymn and great grand mother Amelia (Fox) Eaton taught it to her children, and Grace (Eaton) Wiseman taught it to her children, however it seems that my mother was the only one of Grandma's

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In Memoriam - Ernest McManus

Ernest McManus

Born: July 29, 1932, Flora, Clay Co., IL
Died: January 6, 2019, Lawton, Oklahoma

1) Magdalena "Linda" Stosberger, 1953 in Germany
2) Chun Cha Kim, Dec. 17, 1965 in Seoul, South Korea

Military Service: served in U.S. Army obtaining rank of Master Sergeant

Ernest III

Master Sgt. Ernest Ray McManus, 86, Dies; Retired US Army

Master Sergeant (retired) Ernest Ray McManus, 86, passed away Sunday, January 6, 2019 in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ahnentafel #538 - Josiah Loomis

Josiah Loomis

Born: February 17, 1660/61 in Windsor, Connecticut
Died: October 20, 1735 in Lebanon, Connecticut

Buried: Unknown

Married: October 23, 1683 Mary Rockwell in Lebanon, Connecticut


1687 - Sept. 1 - Court case in Hartford, Connecticut

Edward Allyn plntf Contra Josiah Loomys defendant in an action of the Case for takeing up & keeping unjustly from him a Hors[e] Coalt of Two years old last spring Branded with the letter D on the neer Buttock which is the coalt the sayd Allyn Bought of Jeremy Diggins to a Surrender of the sayd Coalt with Thirty Nine shillings damage In this action the Jury find for the plntf a Surrender of the Coalt in controversy & cost of court the defendant appeales reviews to the county court march next cost allowed one pownd Twelue shillings & Six pence.

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Notebooks - Mom's Families No. 3, Part I

Baganz, Belle & Herbert Baganz. Descendants of Richard & Penelope Stout & Generations to Belle Summers Clift Baganz, Lafayette, IN: Baganz, 1972
After the Revolution 1789, David Stout, with Nathaniel Hixson and three sons of Joab Houghton and their Uncle Asa Runyon, with their families went to Mason County, Ky., and they were all useful and good citizens, in the new country. David Stout died December 27th, 1827.
The Maysville Eagle of Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1828 records the following:
Died - Thursday last at the home of Mr. Mahlon Williamson at Taylor's Mills in Mason County, Ky., Mr. David Stout, a Soldier of the Revolution in the 95th year of his age.
1. Richard and Penelope (Van Princis) Stout of N.J.
2. Johnathan Stout & Ann Bullen of N.J.
3. Johnathan Stout & Mary Lee of N.J.
4. David Stout & Sarah (Parke) Stout  sibling of
4. Sarah Stout & Moses Morgan of KY
5. Sarah Morgan & Squire Boone PA
6. Daniel Boone

Craig, Peter. Elisabeth Petersdotter Yocum, Wife of the English Soldier, John Ogle, The Ogle Genealogist, Vol. 18,  Ogle/Ogles Family Association, 1997.
In my first published venture in pre-Penn genealogy in the Delaware valley in 1983, I advanced the theory that my ancestor, the Swedish soldier Peter Jochimsson, was not only the father of Peter Peterson Yocum but "probably also had a daughter named Elizabeth Petersdotter, who later married John Ogle, one of the soldiers participating in the English conquest of the Dutch in

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ahnentafel #537 - Mary Judd

Mary Judd

Born: 1658 Farmington, Connecticut
Baptized: 22 July 1660 Farmington, Connecticut
Died: 24 April 1735 Lebanon, Connecticut

Buried: Old Cemetery, Lebanon, Connecticut - epitaph said to be:
Here lyes ye Body of yt worthy
virtuous & pious Mother in Israel
wife to Mr. Abel Janes Mrs Mary
Janes by Name when she had
Lieved Long a Holy and Patient Life
Dyed April 24, 1735 in ye
80 year of Har age
Married: Abel Janes November 4, 1679 in Northampton, Massachusetts


1718 - Sep. 15 - Lebanon, CT - Mary is mentioned in her husband Abel Janes' will:

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Notebook - Military No. 3

Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs. Powerpoint Presentation Slide, nd

National Genealogical Society. Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications in the National Archives, Washington, DC: National Genealogical Society, 1976
  • Brooks, Caleb E. CT, Jane E. R1244

Rightmeyer, Don. North or South? Finding Your Kentucky Civil War Ancestor, Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 43, No. 3, Frankfort, KY: Kentucky Historical Society, 2008
The first step in discovering if you have ancestors who served during the Civil War is to work on your own family tree back to and even earlier than the Civil War. A primary reference for Kentuckians' documented service in the Civil War are the four volumes of the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky. Two volumes for Kentucky Union volunteers were compiled and published in 1866/67 and two additional volumes were printed in 1915/1918 for Kentucky men who served in the Confederate army. The Adjutant General's Reports include short capsule histories for individual army units and lists of the

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ahnentafel #536 - Abel Janes

Here Lieth the Body of Mr. Abel Janes
ye Husband of Mrs. Mary Janes, who
Died December ye 18 1718 in ye
73 year of his age
Leet Heavens Blessings rest upon
ye Darling of my youthful dayes
& also one of my children young
To keep them all in wisdom's ways
Abel Janes

Born: b. ca. 1644
Baptized: 19 March 1648, New Haven, Connecticut
Died: 18 December 1718, Lebanon, Connecticut

Buried: Old Cemetery, Lebanon, Connecticut

Marriage: Mary Judd, Nov. 4, 1679 in Northampton, Massachusetts

Biographical notes: He was an early pioneer to this town [Lebanon, CT], and was highly esteemed as an intelligent father, friend and  counselor, leading a respectable family of influential children and grand-children in the paths of virtue and true religion. When he died, 18 December, 1718, he left behind him the legacy of a good name, that his children might profit by his example.  From him and his children has come down an influence for morality, for patriotism, and pure religion, which will continue to extend and bless other generations. The Janes Family: A Genealogy & Brief History of the Descendants of William Janes . . . 

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In Memoriam - Norma (Butler) Bowden

Norma Jean Bowden, 71 of Mount Vernon, Illinois passed away at 12:35 am January 10, 2019 at her residence in Mount Vernon, Illinois. She was born November 23, 1947 in Arcola, Illinois to the late Minor Butler and Rachael (Hutchcraaft) Butler.  Norma married Jessie Bowden, Sr. on June 27, 1969 in Chicago, Illinois. They were blessed with 50 years of marriage.

In addition to her husband Jessie Bowden, Sr., Norma is survived by her three sons, Jessie Bowden, Jr. and wife Joann, Eric Bowden and Jason Bowden, all of Mount Vernon, Illinois; two daughters Michelle Bowden of Mount Vernon, Illinois and Jacqueline Bowden of Nashville, Tennessee; fourteen grandchildren, fourteen great grandchildren; brother Charles Butler and wife Janie of Centralia, Illinois; three sisters, Thelma Holeman and husband Larry of Ohio, Orlena Tindal of Belle

Notebook - Massachusetts No. 3

Anderson, Robert.  A Closer Look at the Great Migration Study Project, New England Ancestors, Fall 2001.
The primary mission of the Great Migration Study Project has been to serve as a guide to what is known about each of the immigrants to New England between 1620 and 1643 and to replace the many older reference works we have for these families.
At a very early stages of the project, we developed a sketch format to organize our biographical and genealogical knowledge of each of the immigrants.  This format has stood up well over the years, but the material included under each heading within a sketch has undergone changes. Most importantly, the original plan was to include a list of the names of the children of each immigrant, with only birth or baptismal data attached; but David Greene (who, along with Robert Wakefield and Roger Joslyn, has been from the beginning of the project one of the readers of sketch drafts) soon insisted that more detail be given for the children, including especially their marriages, but also other information where relevant.
Other changes have been made as well.  In the section on "Offices," there has been a steady trend to present the data in a more rational form, with civil offices given first, and then military offices, and within each of those subsections, the material was further divided by the jurisdiction within which the service was performed.

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Ahnentafel #532 - (--?--) Richardson

(--?--) Richardson

Born: between 1655 and 1685 ballpark, probably in Connecticut, possibly in Massachusetts

Died: probably in Connecticut, possibly in Massachusetts

Children - at least one:


Possibility 1 from Vinton, John. The Richardson MemorialPortland, ME: Brown Thurston & Company, 1876

Nathaniel Richardson

Born: 2 January 1650/51, Woburn, Massachusetts

Died: 4 December 1714, Woburn, Massachusetts

Buried: probably in the First Burial Ground of Woburn, Massachusetts, no stone found

Married: Mary (--?--)  ca. 1672

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Notebook - Maryland No. 2

Barnes, Robert. Marriages & Deaths from the Maryland Gazette, 1727-1839, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1973 - available on Ancestry
The Maryland Gazette was first published in Annapolis in 1727 by William Parks. Parks had previously established two newspapers in England: the Ludlow Post-Man in 1719 and the Reading Mercury in 1723. He came to Annapolis in March 1725/6 and shortly thereafter established the Maryland Gazette, which was the first paper to be published south of Pennsylvania. Publication of the Gazette was carried on intermittently until 1734.
Parks held the post of Public Printer in the Province of Maryland from 1727 until 1737. In 1730 he established a press in Williamsburg, Virginia and in 1736 became the editor of the Virginia Gazette. He was also Public Printer of Virginia until 1750, the year of his death.
The Maryland Gazette was re-established in 1745 by Jonas Green, a native of Connecticut and the son of Deacon Timothy Green. . . . 
The Gazette usually consisted of a folded sheet of four pages, with nearly half the space devoted to advertising. News from Europe and from other colonies took up the bulk of the remaining space, with part of one column given over to Annapolis news. Deaths and marriages were sometimes found in this column, but later, when they became a popular feature, they were listed separately under the headings "Marriages' and "Deaths," or as they were waggishly referred to in the early nineteenth century, "The Knot" and "The Knell."  The early issues of the paper carried comparatively few marriage and death notices other than those concerning  prominent citizens.  The inclusion of notices of notices of ordinary citizens was a gradual process.

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Ahnentafel #531 - Mary Powell

Mary Powell

Born: May 7, 1660, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Died: ca. 1739 Lebanon, Connecticut

Buried: Unknown

Married: 1) Stephen Tilden ca. 1689 2) she may have married David Lee, June 24, 1736 in Lebanon, Connecticut


1660 - Gloucester, MA town & vital records - Mary daughter of Rowland Powell borne by Issabelle his wife the 7th of maye 1660

1698 - March 2 - Plymouth County, Massachusetts - a Stephen Tilden a grand juror, may be Stephen's father. 

1698 - Aug. 3 - Stephen listed as heir of his father in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 3:62

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Notebook - Kentucky No. 1

Burns, Annie. Kentucky Genealogies & Historical Recorder, Vol. 5, Washington, DC, nd.
Record of Marriages in Shelby County Kentucky for the Period of Years 1792 to 1851 Inclusive
  • Elston, Jonathan - Mary Gist, 12/17/1804
  • Elston, Manderville G. - Eliza H. Houseworth, father Abram, 1/11/1831 - not sure if we are related to him, but he was involved with our Young family.

Clift, Glenn. Kentucky Obituaries, 1787-1854, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1977, available on Ancestry
The obituary notices have been edited to include a) name of person deceased, b) place of residence, c) wife / husband / parents / survivors, d) date of death.  For purpose of bibliography an abbreviation of the name of the newspaper from which any notice is taken is given with that notice. The notation following any obituary refers in every instance to the year named in the obituary. KG = Kentucky Gazette, R = Lexington Reporter
  • Major Armistead Morehead, of Bowling Green, died Aug. 1826, R9/4
  • Major Charles Morehead of Logan County, died Nov. 1828, R12/17
  • Mrs. Amanda Morehead, consort of Charles S. Morehead of Hopkinsville, daughter of William Leavy of Lexington, died Sunday, July 5, 1829, aged 25 years, R7/15
  • Charles Edwin Morehead, formerly of Bowling Green, Ky, died of yellow fever in New Orleans, Aug. 9, 1853; Emma Augusta Morehead, sister of above died same place of yellow fever, Aug. 22, 1853; Charles D. Morehead, father of Charles Edwin & Emma above, form many years he was postmaster at Bowling Green, KY, died of yellow fever in New Orleans, Aug. 23, 1853; Mrs. Eliza A. Morehead, wife of Charles D. & mother of Charles & Emma above, died Aug. 24, 1853, S9/23

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Ahnentafel #530 - Stephen Tilden

Here lies the body of Mr. Stephen Tilden ye late
Husband of Mrs. Mary Tilden Who died Oct. 3, 1727
in the 63 year of his age. Here must ye body lie Within
this cage of clay Till the resurrection of the just At 
Jesus judgment day Then doo ye hope that ye shall
life again regain And with high unto the sky With him 
triumphant train [reign?]
Stephen Tilden or Steven Tilden

Born: 5 Feb. 1663/4, Scituate, Massachusetts
Died: October 3, 1727 in Lebanon, Connecticut

Buried:  Old Cemetery, Lebanon, Connecticut

Married: Mary Powell ca. 1689

Occupation: worsted comber, farmer and possibly a black smith based on items in his will and inventory.

1657 - Scituate, Massachusetts, Steven Tilden took the oath of fidelity. 

1688 - June - Plymouth County, Massachusetts - a Stephen Tilden listed as petit juror, may be his father. 

1691 - Marshfield, MA - Stephen Tilden listed as constable for the year

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Notebooks - Indiana No. 1

Chandler, Ruth & Marjorie Peter. Indiana Early Gibson County Marriages, no imprint
  • Fitzgerald, America & David Milen Oct. 16, 1831
  • Fitzgerald, Anna & Jackson Fitzgerald, Aug. 24, 1844
  • Fitzgerald, Rachel & Wm. McCombs, Jan. 18, 1855
  • Fitzgerald, America & Wm. McMullin, Nov. 14, 1848
  • Fitzgerald, Mahala & Martin Smith, Feb. 16, 1841
  • Fitzgerald, Wm. & Margaret McAndrews, Jul 5, 1852
  • Slavin, Isaac & Susannah Hatton, Aug. 8, 1833
  • Slavin, Elizabeth & Alexander Hartley Aug. 16, 1849
  • Slavin, Celia & Jesse Fisher, Nov 24, 1852
  • Slavin, Sarah & Wm. Hunt, Feb. 28, 1854
  • Fitzgerald, Sarah & Matthew Tibbett, Aug. 16, 1844
  • Fitzgerald, Mariah & George W. Sullivan, Aug. 9, 1841

Dillard, Arthur, compiler. Orange County Heritage, no imprint.
Mavity, N.B. & Myrtle Mavity. First Marriage Records of Orange County
The book in which the marriage records for 1816 to 1826 printed below were entered was lost so long ago that no one in the Orange County Court House at Paoli, Indiana, knew of its existence until it was brought to light last March in the furnace room of the building. A pile of papers brought down from the attic about three years ago included the records.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Ahnentafel #529 - Elizabeth Truman

Elizabeth R. Truman

Born: ca. 1665
Died: after 1719

Buried: Unknown

Married: Rowland Powell, ca. 1688


1712 - July 8 - New London, CT - Administration Bond Powell - Rowland Powell - Entered Book A page 631
Know all men by these presents that I Elizabeth Powell of Lebanon
Together with my sureties Joseph Truman and Joshua Hempwood of N. London Doe acknowledge ourselves joyntly and Severally to owe and ---- Justly Indebted into the Court of Probate in the COunty of New London the full and just sum of three hundred pounds current mony of New England to be payd to the P. Court of Probate upon all Demands by us our heirs executors and administrators.  In witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands and seals in New London this eighth day of July anno Domini 1712.